Tours just right for you

As a gourmet and cultural tours company we specialize in organising high quality gourmet and cultural tours in France and Spain.

Because we live in the region during part of the year, we possess the rare inside knowledge to create a truly bespoke tour, offering experiences beyond the ordinary and an itinerary all of one’s own.

Designing each focused and balanced tour involves exchanging views with our clients, discussing their priorities, budget, the dates and duration of the trip and the cultural and culinary aspects of the places they might wish to visit.

We can then advise our clients on what would suit their needs, and make their trip truly unique. In this way, our clients can discover –in their own unique way and at their own pace – the very best Spain and France have to offer.

We always provide our clients with practical information on gastronomy, shopping and museums that will assist them in planning their visits to different cities, towns and regions.